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Why dental implant?

Aesthetics, appearance of implants and subjective feeling is identical to the natural tooth. On the other hand, by placing a dental implant, bone loss and gum recession (as inevitable consequences of wearing dentures, bridges and crowns) are prevented.

Preservation of healthy tooth
During single tooth bridge, it is necessary to grind the two adjacent healthy teeth. When installing the implants healthy teeth remain intact which is of great importance for oral health.
Restoring self-confidence
It will allow you to smile again and talk with full comfort and confidence. Contrast with dentures and other system,it will give you complete freedom
Nowadays,dental implant placement is a routine intervention with high success rate and is considered the best option for a lost tooth.

When to decide?

Implant is a reliable solution for all of those who have indications for wearing dentures or are missing one or more teeth. Since the implant technology has progressed and made them more stable and durable, they are the best solution.

The basic predisposition for successful implant placement:

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