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Hijaluronski tretman

Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the subcutaneous tissue. It gives vigor, gloss, thickness and the appearance of youthful skin. The natural process of aging leads to a reduction of hyaluronic acid depots which leads to the tired and dehydrated look of the skin.

Hijaluronski fileriThe application of hyaluronic fillers compensates the amount of hyaluronic acid lost in the process of aging, eliminates wrinkles, restores the youthful appearance of the face, improves lip contours and volume.

Hyaluronic treatment is safe and painless, and the effects are visible immediately after the treatment.
Hyaluronic fillers are safe and natural way to radiant and younger looks.

Dental studio Proestetik, during New Year`s holidays has provided a special offer for Hyaluronic treatment at a price of only 200 €!