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Cosmetic dentistry

Ceramic veneers (Veneers)

It is difficult to laugh freely, even if you want to, if your teeth are irregular or have lost their natural whiteness. If this is your problem ceramic veneers could be a good solution. Although cosmetic dentistry procedures can not replace good oral hygiene, ceramic veneers, placed on your natural teeth, can easily embellish and brighten your smile and improve your self-confidence.

Veneers are thin ceramic shells, which cover damaged, discoloured or irregular teeth. This technique has several advantages : ceramic is very resistant material and its color, translucency and resistance are very similar to tooth enamel. Ceramic veneers can effectively close the spaces between teeth, lengthen or reshape teeth, cover stains and discoloration. Prior to each treatment, in cooperation with our team, a patient has the opportunity to participate in creating his future smile or that part of the job can be done by computer software. Our dental practice uses the most modern methods of designing your future smile.

The most suitable candidates for ceramic veneers are the people who maintain good oral hygiene, who wish to improve the appearance of their smile,are well informed about the quality and aesthetics results of therapy and have realistic expectations.